Recommended reading: The Achievement Habit - @bernie_roth

1434777274878Reading The Achievement Habit by Bernard Roth - highly recommended. Provides an excellent perspective on achievement, and puts an emphasis on action (doing).

It has made my list of recommended books prior to starting college (or graduate school) along with Adler’s “How to Read a Book” and Browne/Keeley’s “Asking the Right Questions.” Commensurate with this blog, I really do believe that adopting this habits can cause success in a student (not just that students that are successful tend to display these habits). Embracing the Achievement Habit, and in particular: about reasons (excuses), getting unstuck, habits of creative thinking and solutions, finding assistance and group habits.

The book resonates with my pragmatic side (of my empiricism, rationalism and pragmatism triangle that aligns with critical realism) and reminded me of my series on “Being and Doing” that the APTA’s Vision Statement inspired in me back in March:

Being and Doing

Universal and Existential Quantifiers

The role of knowledge in being and doing

Being and doing, transformational considerations

You can read the first part of the book for free here.

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