Link to PT Think Tank - reblog: Metacognition, Critical Thinking, and Science Based Practice

This post is simply my attempt to reblog when wordpress will only allow reblogs of posts in wordpress.

PT Think Tank is a blog on ‘Critical observations of health, science, and the physical therapy profession.’ There are well written posts by very insightful minds within our profession.

This post in particular: Metacognition, Critical Thinking, and Science Based Practice #DPTstuden was pointed out to me by it’s author as relevant to what the KBP blog is attempting. Having read it, I completely agree and many of the ideas resonate quite well. I have posted a comment at the end of that post so will not repeat it here.

Thanks again to Kyle Ridgeway for taking time the time to read through much of this blog and identify the connection between his work and this work - very insightful and helpful!

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