Realism- Basic reliability of sensory perception

Basic reliability of sensory perception

Whether an empiricist or realist we need to accept that what we sense and then perceive from the world (reality) is basically reliable. Yes we recognize that our senses can be deceived, our perception altered, both can change over time and are variable between people, but we have accept a basic reliability in them.

We accept that basic reliability before we set out to attempt to empirically quantify reliability. Before we even try to see whether there is intra or inter rater reliability for manual muscle testing, or in the assessment of lung sounds we pre suppose that there is at least basic reliability in the ability of people to perceive a force and hear a sound.

There is much to discuss about the basic reliability of sensory perception for clinical practice. But whatever we discuss about it presupposes that we believe it is an epistemological foundation. That is all I wanted to say on this topic for today.

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