PTJ Editorial joins the dialogue on clinical epistemology

It was quite pleasing to find that the March issue of PTJ includes an editorial that echoes many of the ideas that have been percolating for me since my 2005 letter to the editor of PTJ on complex systems.

The editorial (Toward Systems Science in Rehabilitation) by Dr. Alan Jette (PTJ Editor-in-Chief) points out that RCTs may not get us to where we need to be for knowledge for our practice and proposes systems science and Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles as possible alternative ways forward to developing and justifying knowledge (i.e. a clinical epistemology).

It is quite interesting to me that my entire journey in this area of philosophical inquiry started back in 2005 when I responded to an invited commentary by Dr. Jette - you can read about that here: Complex Systems - letter to the editor, 2005. My hope, of course, is that the recent letter by Dr. Jette in PTJ will inspire deeper and more substantial dialogue on these topics and that what has been presented on this blog (and in other forums) will be of some use to that dialogue.

My response to this Editorial is posted on the PTJ website as an eLetter (here), and is expected to appear in next month’s issue of PTJ.



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