DPT Curriculum with cause as a foundational concept: yes even anatomy

In a curriculum with cause as a foundational concept all courses include a connection to the analysis of cause - effect relationships; and reasoning with induction and deduction from cause to effect; and abduction from effect to cause.

Even anatomy does not escape this foundational concept. Anatomy in a DPT program such as this is not a list of terms to memorize or structures to recognize - but rather there is an emphasis on the clinical reasoning enabled when we consider anatomical structure as a cause; and anatomical structure as an effect.

Sample Description:

Clinical and Functional Anatomy covers the development, anatomical components and functional relationships of the musculoskeletal system. Students relate anatomical structure to human functional capabilities and reason from cause to effect as they consider the constraints that anatomical structure places on function; and also from effect to cause as they consider the possible causes of observed anatomical structure both during normal development, physical adaptations and trauma through the life span. In this process students learn to apply anatomical knowledge to reasoning about functional and clinical scenarios and apply causal concepts of anatomy to the analysis of patient/client problems.

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