Concept (knowledge) based DPT curriculum

Have been bunkered down in curriculum development. Came across this highly insightful sentence:

The idea that teachers can develop performances that demonstrate deep understanding assumes that they have consciously identified the kinds of deep understandings that the performance should demonstrate. Erickson HL. Concept Based Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching Beyond the Facts. Corwin Press, Inc. 1998.

I would probably modify the end to - “that the performance requires.”

DPT education is pedagogy with an aim to develop performance - performance as a physical therapist. For readers here, it should be no surprise that I believe strongly that causal reasoning is a “kind of keep understanding” that performance as a physical therapist both demonstrates and requires. It is a foundational concept that deserves explicit inclusion in a curriculum and should be threaded through courses, in particular to assist with the linkage between the foundational sciences, clinical sciences, practice and problem based courses. Yes, I think anatomy should emphasize what we learn about cause - effect relationships from anatomical structures and relationships as this is how PTs use anatomical knowledge in practice (simple example - if the patella is broken, something broke it; abduction that is reliant on causation).

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