Organizing web networking, project organization….

This is a post about nothing. Well, not really. It is a test post of whether a network is integrated.

Before you stop reading the blog itself is not about nothing - so if you are new to the blog because you have learned of it through Twitter or LinkedIn (newly connected), then please see this post which is set up as a good landing page.

Over the past month I have been organizing projects (related to KBP and other activities) with Open Science Framework, Mendeley and GitHub; blogging about KBP and causal models (here); updating my academic sharing / networking profiles (Research Gate,; and trying to reconnect with as well as increase my social and professional network (started up again with Facebook in January; added Twitter and LinkedIn these past two days).

At this point, I must say, my little world of web networking and project organization has become a task that requires it’s own set of organization. So this morning I have put together a graphic (not a DAG) of all the web resources that each have a niche and purpose.


The blog is at the center for me. It is where I feel I can share activities from any of the others and these past 5 months has been the link. But the bottom right is really the production facility. The projects themselves, the library, the works in progress in GitHub. This is where ideas are worked on - this is the primary generator. But not in isolation. For example, posts on Facebook from many excellent colleagues have inspired Blogs, and projects. These domains are integrated and support one another (well, I can only really speak to the Facebook component of social networking thus far, time will tell whether I will make use of what LinkedIn and Twitter have to offer).

The primary purpose of this post is to see if the propagation through the social networks happens as I anticipate based on how I think I have set up the applications. This should be shared with Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. But since my Twitter and LinkedIn are also connected, I am wondering whether there will be a loop created - hopefully this single silly blog post does not bring down my early attempts to use these services!

Please feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested in Knowledge Based Practice - I continue to promote this framework to connect research and practice through their shared interest in knowledge; and graphical causal models as an approach to representing and understand that knowledge (and it’s assumptions) for students, researchers and clinicians.

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