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This was originally posted on April 27th (4 months), but then re posted on May 21 due to updates which are included here. This is the recommended landing page for people joining the blog for the first time - only because of it’s explanation of the “compilation” document available in chronological order, and pointing to the voice over of a presentation on causal models.

Even before the compilation document - it is useful to read a few particular posts:

The first post

Why a Knowledge Based Practice post

Letter to the Editor from 2005 that represented my process of identifying the problem

Graphical Causal Models - the first introduction of the KBP graphic and causal models

At the time of this update the blog is finishing up it’s fifth month. It has had 1059 visitors and 2255 views from a total of 21 countries. The use of a blog for the foundation and background of knowledge based practice has really come to its full potential. The past month the blog has become a more traditional with short commentaries, editorials and opinions related to the perspective of knowledge based practice (KBP), and the use of cause, models and inference in physical therapy reasoning. The commentary by Nate and Brett about a month ago (here) is a perfect example. The first 4 months there have been some posts of this nature - you can find them by picking the “Responsive” or “Example” categories from the drop down menu on the right. The past month has included a variety of posts on differential diagnosis, and the use of the much more practical features of a knowledge based practice including graphical causal models to represent practical clinical knowledge.

If you don’t want to read all of the posts, or even the few listed above then for an overall introduction to what the blog is about - best to see the “About KBP” page. For more about me - there is an “About Me” page.

If you do want to start at the beginning you can simply scroll down to the first post (January 4th), or there is a “Compilation Document” that provides the most relevant posts (unedited) since the blog start for those interested in an introduction to the system being developed (it is in chronological order). It is posted on my page here (under drafts). There is also a video posted from a CSM 2015 presentation (well, the video is expanded) that gives an introduction to causal models here.

While the blog will continue in a more traditional manner - there are three places for continued development, use and application of the perspectives and approach of knowledge based practice (and causal models) in physical therapy research and practice (i.e. the more scholarly components of the project). In addition to a full presentation in an eBook, I am considering papers for certain segments of the blog and will update this page should they come to fruition, and will be posted in draft format on my page.

This means the blog is will no longer the place KBP or causal models in physical therapy development. However, the blog will remain one avenue of dissemination. This graphic best presents the next generation development framework:


Here is a pdf of the graphic with live links: LaunchPDF

All of these sites allow members to join to be part of the projects, and all projects are open to the public. Also, you can obtain OSF, GitHub and Mendeley accounts for free.

The Open Science Framework (OSF) will be host to two projects for further development:

  1. Knowledge Based Practice for the continued theoretical and philosophical development

  2. Causal Models in Physical Therapy for developing the teaching about causal models in physical therapy research, education and practice as a representation of knowledge for practice that bridges inductive research and its universals with practice (deductive and abductive) with its particulars.

GitHub will be host to a repository of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) for physical therapy:

  1. PhysicalTherapy-DAGs which will provide open licensed DAGs for use, modification and development, including images, code and relevant information (citations, etc)

Mendeley will be host to a repository of citations (articles, books, resources) to support the scholarship being developed at the other sites :

  1. Knowledge Based Practice

  2. Causal Models in Physical Therapy

I look forward to welcoming any and all interested collaborators and/or contributors to the above projects. If you are looking for how you might be involved - see the post made on fall risk prediction as a possible example project; and a new collaboration with Ramez Antoun for translating the knowledge of functional movement systems into a system of DAGs – directed acyclic graphs as representations of graphical causal models, as a representation of the underlying knowledge of the FMS system that Cook et al have articulated so well - more about this here.

Also, please let me know if you have any interest in posting as a contributing author to the blog. I am particularly interested in people that have an inclination towards one of the KBP perspectives that are interested in writing about how the perspective is highlighted in existing practice, or how it would alter the interpretation of existing publications when considering them for practice.

Finally, if you have a topic you would like me to post about - please send it along.

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