APTA - CSM Meeting

Well, it is the last day of the APTA - CSM 2015 meeting here in Indianapolis. Despite fatigue of travel, meetings and presentations, it is time to rally for a long day. Starts with a presentation at 8 AM during a 2 hour session of platforms (about 7 talks, all about 15 minutes). Ends with a flight home that gets me into Manchester at 10:10 PM.

But none of that is the purpose of this post. A few weeks ago I said that I would post my presentation once completed. Since it is in 90 minutes I am willing to say the attached is as completed as I will have it before I present it (it is here(note - this link takes you to the legacy page on Wordpress - was too much of an issue to migrate everything over for such a low probability that someone would actually be looking at this): DI-CP-Practice.key. I hope to do a voice over of the presentation to go along with it to post on Vimeo once I return - until then I am sure you are eagerly awaiting the presentation! (Ha)

I crave a return to my normal routine (that does not include shoveling snow)!

Hope you all are well.

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