I am a professor of physical therapy at Plymouth State University. So I must first state the obvious about this blog:

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are strictly those of the blog author(s). The contents of this blog have not been reviewed or approved by Plymouth State University.”

My courses over the years have become a series that are, at their core, connected by the use of causal reasoning, model building (theoretical, computational when possible) and what I call dynamic inference. By Dynamic Inference I mean a constant dynamic between three forms of inference: deductive, inductive and abductive.

I am a physical therapist, teach physical therapy and conduct research (theoretical and integrative scholarship) on what I like to call knowledge based physical therapy practice. This blog is a way for me to think through my ideas while sharing them with others in a rather casual way. I look forward to hearing what people (if anyone actually reads what I post) think about the ideas and hope to find collaborators for future work.

For more about me and my work you can see several pages:


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